STUDIO AKKERHUIS was founded in 2014 in Paris by Bart Akkerhuis, a former associate of Renzo Piano.

Our practice works internationally as architects, interiors designers and urbanists. We engage in projects through which we can explore inventive responses to environmental, technological, cultural and social contexts. In doing so we regularly collaborate with specialists from other fields, from artists and engineers to philosophers and filmmakers.

We are represented by a young and dynamic staff of about 40 architects from 19 different countries, sharing a common passion for architecture and design. The studio is dedicated to creativity and originality while also recognising the pragmatic necessities associated with delivering design and architectural projects. From concept design to construction supervision, it is able to manage all the architectural design stages. Working as a team with our clients and consultants, we pay particular attention to detail and the development of bespoke solutions throughout a collaborative design process.

Realized and ongoing projects of the studio include the transformation of the 55 000 m² monumental ‘Meelfabriek’ into a mixed-use complex in Leiden, a contemporary art gallery in Paris, a boutique hotel and a masterplan for 750 housing units, both in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Studio Akkerhuis collaborates with Renzo Piano Building Workshop on the new Parisian Law Courts, currently under construction in Paris.

Studio Akkerhuis has won numerous awards; the Architectural Record Design Vanguard (2016) and the Innovation Award Bas Carbone at the Biennale of Bordeaux (2017) amongst others.


Past and present

Bart Akkerhuis
Pierre-Henri Baudart
Lise Le Roy
Amata Boucsein
Florian Bolle

Angeliki Michalopoulou
Agata Bercier
Damien Charpentier

Sammy Vormus
Michela Milanese
Fulvia Pesavento
Sába Schramkó
Claire de la Sayette
Alex Arnou
Nicola Masotti
Pierre Degueurce
Hanyun Huang
Maurits van der Staay
Matidia Pallini

Julien Gourrand
Irene Sapienza
Agathe Sicard
Luca Salerno
Agathe Loeb
Giovanni Pancotti
Laure Djafer
Vincent Wieder
Viviane Le Deunff
Christian Johansson
Maria Mora Muniain
Agata Bonislawska
Clarisse Cheung
Karolina Pawlowska
Jérôme Vuarchex
Samantha Kroliczak

Valentine Compain
Anastasia Jaffray
Anna Creatura

Sarah Riahi
Clothilde André
Jasmin Houshmand
Gerben van den Oever
Nassima Iles
Mathilde Bensalem-Bonne
Jolien Boas
Federica Villa
Ahlame Saoud
Mark Cordovani
Gounaud Chung
Patricia Salvador Galiana
Austėja Judžentytė
Charlotte Bialkowski
Blanche Granet
Bradley Fraser

Blair Ekleberry
Tugba Gundogdu
Soraya Kesri

Claire Afarian
Emmanuelle Dejos
Marzio Di Pace
Tianhui Zhang
Miguel Reyes Lara
Carlos Mena Porras
Omar Khaledi

Laura Levy
Federico Musso
Caterina Italiano
Caren Sfeir

Etienne Thierry
Baptiste Chalain
Louise Lafage
Camille Maire
Ludovica Devescovi
Camille Neuvessel
Ersilia Ramazza
Sophie Eichner
Anya Bogucka

Gosia Wyszyńska
Lucciana Nasrallah

Pauline Alfaro
Sophie Cornanguer
Eleonore Lecoq
Alicia Hernanz Perez
Léa Zaïa
Eliott Bulle
Weiting Zhang
Lidia Gamaleri
Juhee Oh
Clara Maquin
Léna Toussaint
Camilla Amatori
Lene Antonopoulos
Elena Brun
Axelle Debaisieux
Zamir Narvaez
Carolina Massa
Emmanuel Quarante


Vincent Delfaud
Philipp Molter
Miriam Irle
Julian Eberhart
Alexandre Pachiaudi
Séverine Aubert (models)
Andrew McClure
Alexandrine Perrodin