Bauhaus Museum H3

location Dessau, Germany
date 2015
client Bauhaus Museum Dessau
program cultural
surface 5000 m²
status competition
design team Studio Akkerhuis

The new museum for the Bauhaus in Dessau is an exciting and a challenging task. How to exhibit a school? The impressive archive of the Bauhaus, representing the philosophy of its teaching and different developments, plays the central role in the design. Where does the public space of the museum meet service and logistics, where can storage and restoration of artworks, workshops and exhibition overlap and intertwine, creating a new space for teaching?
Like at the Ponthus Hultén Gallery in Stockholm the archives can be made visible to the audience and become part of a dynamic exhibition concept. The building is designed as a pavilion in the park. Being modest in scale but as well iconic in its silhouette, the museum opens to the park and defines the streetscape of Kavalierstraße with an urban front. The internal organization follows a clear division into three strands. Here, the central part works as a « backbone », that ensures internal circulation of the building and creates interfaces between the different spaces. The exhibition area allows a large-scale hall with a large variety of configurations.
The simplicity and flexibility of the design not only ensures its feasibility but also provides the possibility of the project to develop further along with Stiftung Bauhaus and to let arise a museum with international reputation. Prefabricated in concrete shells the recognizable arched roof structure allows maximum flexibility in the exhibition area and leaves an exposed structure visible. The system integrates both the supporting structure and ventilation as well as a perfect indirect ambient lighting with punctual lights allowing the staging of individual artworks.