location Aigle, Switzerland

date 2020
client  public

surface 18000 m² 

status Competition
design team Studio Akkerhuis 

Shying away from the prototypical typology of an extension, we looked rather to create a self supporting space in multiple senses. The core of the design comes from a “mushroom” structural post that not only supports this building but creates a new typology for the future educational spaces of the Canton de Vaud. We developed a universal, mechanical and adaptable construction system with a design that will limit waste, facilitate material transport,  and allow for local production.

The multipurpose room of 65 m² based on a square grid of 8.25m by 8.25m from which we dimension the glued laminated wing (a half frame, 4.125m). This multidirectional grid offers a rationalizationalized structural system as well as a greater freedom of spatial design.

For the Gymnase du Chablais, we proposed a permeable building organized around planted patios, creating an omnipresent relationship between the user and their environment. In its permeability and orientation, the building is open to its semi-urban environment while offering more protected and calm spaces around the patios.

The variation from the framework of the multipurpose room to create zones of circulation allows us to develop winter gardens and work spaces off of said circulation, these spaces take advantage of views on the patios.

The winter gardens act as an extension of the classroom, small natural climate machines to allow the building to “breathe” and adapt to the seasons. When closed in winter, they accumate natural light and heat. During the summer they open to  generously ventilate the classrooms.