Kaunas Concert Hall

location Kaunas, Lithuania
date 2017
client Kaunas municipality
program concert hall
surface 11750m2
status competition
design team Studio Akkerhuis
consultants Theatre projects

The future Kaunas M.K. Curlionis Concert Centre needs to become a thriving place. To achieve this we create a new promenade, public park and square along the borders of the river Nemunas. Sliding over each other like tectonic plates or an ice flow, they form the steps from the waterfront up towards street level. A promenade takes the flaneurs all the way up to the roof of the Foyer, where a majestic view over the old city and its monuments takes centre stage.

The three venues the main concert hall, the secondary hall and the conference centre are like stranded boulders on the river bank. Each is recognizable as a separate entity in the folding landscape. Together they ensure that the volume of the Concert Centre is in keeping with the scale of its immediate context and the surrounding districts.

We envisage bustling river banks; the park with its amphitheatre together with the public square and the communal foyer become a place to meet and to share, to socialize and to participate throughout all seasons. They become a place for people to develop the vibrant life of the Kaunas community.

This landscape overcomes the difference in height from the river level to the new datum of the project with a combination of ramps, stairs and plates. It is designed in such a way that it can adjust to the various river levels during the four seasons.

The park is more mineral on the north. Towards the west the park becomes natural and green. Here it gives space to an outdoor amphitheatre for 1500 people. Further west the park makes a gradual transition into the existing natural river banks. The park establishes an important connection between the riverbanks and the surrounding Aleksotas neighbourhood.