location Vilnius, Lituania
date 2019
client Vilnius
program Concert Hall
surface 11 000 m²
status competition
design team Studio Akkerhuis
consultants Theatre Project, Eckersley O’Callaghan – Engineers

“ Beauty isn’t the object of creation, it is its reward. Whenever it appears, it announces that the broken balance between man and nature is once again bridged by art” , Brassaï.

Silence is the mother of music, therefore a concert hall can be envisioned as a place that creates silence in order to give birth to music.

In the outside world, to reach silence, and be surrounded by it, takes a journey. For our project, this journey becomes an architectural sequence that starts in the park and progressively takes you inside an unique space, before entering the warm and quiet atmosphere of the performance halls. As you penetrate the piazza, firmly rooted in the ground and visually disconnected from the city, you enter a realm filled with nature, wood and light, where the vertical monumentality of the structure contrasts with lightness of the suspended walkways overlooking the foyer and the city; it is a place where the order of the grid is only altered by the presence of the trees inside and the variation of the natural light penetrating in between the volumes of the halls. The new Vilnius National Concert Hall will not only be a place for performances but we also conceived it as an open public space where people can meet, wander, and ultimately share emotions, both from the space and the music.