location Palermo, Italy
date 2020
client Regione Sicilia
program offices
surface 100 000 m2
status competition proposal
design team Studio Akkerhuis

The project is a new landmark for the city of Palermo: a symbol of innovation and modernity that projects the architecture of the city towards the next hundred years.
Thanks to its strategic positioning in the urban context, the building acts as an energy collector that regenerates the surrounding area and contributes to a masterplan that proposes a sustainable future for the city.

The local neighborhood is integrated with the «Palazzo della regione» through new internal viability, a renovation of the infrastructural system, and several public buildings that are accessible to residents, such as schools, an auditorium, and a mobility hub.

The project is a place for meeting and cohabitation: a new melting pot of exchanges and relations as Sicily has been throughout history.
The administrative office tower stands tall like a lighthouse visible from far away. It reflects the landscape during the day and shines like a beacon for the city at night.