Parc Saint Jean

location Lagny-sur-Marne, France
date 2015
client OGIC
program residential and commercial
surface 14 ha
status competition
design team Studio Akkerhuis with Architecture Paul Vincent
consultants AIA ingénierie, Génie Acoustique, Bureau Olivier Caro, SLETEC Ingénierie, CICAD, Claude Guinaudeau

The intervention at the urban ‘heart’ of Marne et Gondoire aims to the evolutionary, rational, comfortable, flexible and environmental transformation of the space. The Saint-Jean site hosted untill very recently the activities of the Lagny Hospital. It is a complex canvas of existing buildings, green spaces, parking areas and zones to be entirely reshaped. The park is literally the heart of the master plan. It is the element that achieves the continuity of the built-space and the natural landscape.

The project consists in three separated terrains, connected by green zones. A typology of park houses adapted to the site of the Saint-Jean park is proposed. The park penetrates into the interior of the lots, generating interior gardens that either are composed by dense vegetation or create shared open spaces that invite the residents to participate in common activities. Several footpaths and water paths act like guiding lines across the lots. These elements create vital transparencies in favor of the transverse connections between the center of the lots and the open spaces of the master plan.