Silos Zeeburg

location Amsterdam, Netherlands
date 2017
client Amsterdam municipality
program spa, leaisure
surface 5700 m²
status competition
design team Studio Akkerhuis
consultants Azzurro Wellness

For several years the Zeeburgereiland silos have just been a recognizable landmark in a deserted area. However, the surrounding sites have developed over the years and many new buildings have been constructed. Formerly empty fields have disappeared and lively places have formed, with the goal to combine work and living with a strong emphasis on sport and activity.

The three silos, strong and present, are in the centre of this new neighbourhood and will be a major architectural icon in the district’s life.

Keeping their recognizable appearance is one main objective of this project. Their beautiful patina is left intact and only small interventions are planned on the outside. The rectangular form on top will link two of the volumes – making them one functional entity while the third volume remains unchanged.

A restaurant, a kindergarten and other functions will be located in the lower levels

As the main volume of the silo shafts host a car park, a swimming pool and all the technical spaces, there is no need to open up the façade, which remains intact with only the internal spaces being reorganised.

A wellness center and spa is located in the top volume, offering space to gather and relax with panoramic views over the adjacent area.