Singel Tower

location Leiden, Netherlands
date 2015
client Ab van der Wiel, Meelhattan B.V.
program residential and commercial
surface 5000 m²
status under construction
design team Studio Akkerhuis
consultants Piet Oudolf, Lola Landscape, Pieters Bouwtechniek, LBP Sight, Vlampunt

The Singel Tower will be the latest addition to theMeelfabriek complex, as a next step in this continued evolution. Its significant scale completes the industrial complex on the south border, and further marks the significance of the Meelfabriek in the urban context of Leiden.

Decomposed into three distinct volumes, the tower blends with the volumetric diversity and composition of the buildings nearby. This is to the benefit of the visual appearance of the building. The west tower acquires slenderness and elegance through the division in three distinct volumes: this ensures a lighter presence in the skyline of Leiden.

The design is inspired by the specific qualities of the Meelfabrieks’ listed buildings and engages in a dialogue with them.

The structural concrete frame is poured on site, and will remain apparent. The combination of raw materials and a crisply detailed facade creates a truthful building that strongly relates to the functional design of the existing buildings around.

Pushing the loadbearing frame to the outside of the exterior envelope allows for the creation of column-free, loft-like apartments. The ground floor will incorporate retail concessions thus providing vibrancy and a sense of destination essential to a successful public realm. This also corresponds to the overall concept of dedicating the ground floor levels of The Meelfabriek to public activities.