Water Tower

location Noordwijk, Netherlands
date 2014
client private
program residential
surface 180 m²
status in progress
design team Studio Akkerhuis
consultants Pieters Bouwtechniek

Not far from the Noordwijk shore, on one of the highest dune tops of the region, stands the dis-used water tower of this small seaside town.

Designed and built in 1918 according to the principles of The Amsterdam School, the once apparent brick facade is now covered behind a grey stucco layer.

Studio Akkerhuis proposes to bring new life into this abandoned building by creating a mix of public and private functions.

Once finished the water tower will accommodate a private house, a generous public space in the water reservoir and a viewing platform on top.

As it is a classified national monument, the studio proposes minimal interventions. The dis-used tank will be opened on three sides to bring daylight into the interiors and give carefully framed views towards the outside. The old brick facade will be made apparent once more, restoring the majestic beauty of this great example of the Amsterdam School.