location Lyon, France
date 2017
client Biennale Architecture Lyon
program exhibition
surface 130 m²
status completed
design team Studio Akkerhuis with David Malaud, Guillaume Dubois, Simon Davies, Thomas Buisson
consultants AIA Studio Environnement, Anne-Cécile Carfantan, Maxime Labat, Federico Ferrari, Louise Kalfon, Duccio Piovanni, Pierre Tallaron

Partners CAUE Rhône Métropole, Léav, ensa-v, CAP, Alsabrico, 100% bois du Beaujolais, Mathworks.

Re-Generations is an utopia, an interactive urban simulation game, which was developed to be shown for the first time at the architecture biennale of Lyon in June 2017. The players, literally entering the installation, find different tasks and scenarios on their way to develop an urban environment and ecosystem. Different measures have to be taken to deal with simulated problems and chain reactions while always facing the so-called “earth overshoot day”, representing the stage beyond which the planet’s annual capital of regeneration will be exhausted.

A game is won once a player manages to postpone this point of no return by innovating and finding solutions to the different issues at stake. For ten days, this collective experience will simulate the ecological transition of a territory over a period of 50 years.

The installation of Re-generations, an interface of science, art and architecture, will move on to be shown in different places, to create awareness for the issue of urban development and to be an object of discussion and exchange.

More information here and here.